What is Endosphere Therapy?

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

The world is moving and advancing at a faster pace. While, the natural beauty is gaining a lot of preference these days, cosmetic treatments are not being left behind either. It is the result that they produce that is managing to attract a wide range of women as well as men across the globe.

Today, almost every other person aspires to undergo beauty treatment. Be it sharpening the features or enhancing a body part; almost everything is possible in the medical realm. The recent one that is attracting a huge number of people is Endosphere Therapy.

The therapy involves leaving a substantial and huge impact on tissues and restoring them to their natural functionality. Confused? This blog post aims at clearing the air surrounding this therapy. So, let’s move forward and understand what is Endosphere Therapy and the benefits that you can gain out of it.

What is Endospheres Therapy?

Endospheres Therapy Is one of the noninvasive mechanical treatments that is prevalently accepted out there. It makes use of claimed benefits of the compressive micro-vibration technique. These compressions are meant to form a pumping effect on the lymphatic and vessels system.

One of the major benefits that this therapy provides is the restoration of the skin and the relevant functionality. It also decreases the cellulite appearance and peeling of the skin.

How does the technique work?

As mentioned above, Endosphères Therapy is one such technology that makes use of a unique compressive micro-vibration system. The treatment is completely non-invasive and is done with the help of a roller that is made up of 55 hypo-allergenic silicone spheres.

It creates mechanical vibrations at a lower frequency, which, in turn, acts perfectly on the primary causes of aggregates of the adipose cells, liquid accumulation, lymphatic stasis, and cellulite.

Areas that can be treated with Endospeheres Therapy:

Some of the common areas that can be treated with this technology are the abdomen, glutes, and the legs. The advanced body toning treatment can also help to tackle the stubborn cellulite on the arms, neck and back.

Results that can be achieved with Endospheres Therapy:

• Enhanced silhouette contours

• Decreased circumference of thighs and waist

• Improved lymphatic puffiness and draining

• Eradicated or extensively improved cellulite

• Toned and tight and tissues as well as the muscles

Although the results may vary from the body to body, this therapy can also work amazingly on the face. It helps smoothening wrinkles, exfoliating the top layers of the skin, lifting the chin, cheeks and eyes.

Positive effects by the Endosphères therapy treatment:

Action on Lymphatic Draining:

The primary task of the lymphatic system is to keep the functioning of the immune system adequate while simultaneously nourishing and cleaning the cells in the body. The specific movement of the handpiece, which is used to carry out the treatment, forms a pumping effect, courtesy to the pulsed rhythmic action that is induced by the rotational direction of the cylinder.

Thus, the thrust activates the lymphatic system by eradicating the excess of toxic liquids, without causing any damage to the skin.

Contraction of the Muscles:

The consistent impact of compression on the muscles provide them with a workout. The enhanced blood and accelerated drainage can help the muscles to relax. The compressive micro-vibration system can use the muscle as active resistance.

And, the vibratory stimulation can help achieve muscle tone optimization in the areas that have been treated.

Enhanced Blood Circulation:

The cylinder of the machine comes with a honeycomb-like arrangement for the vibratory element. Combining it with a micro compression practice on tissues, the procedure creates a profound stimulation at the metabolic and vascular level.

Thus, the tissue undergoes a rising action that creates a vascular workout, favouring an essential enhancement of the microcirculatory system.

Action to Regenerate Skin Cells:

The subtle micro-trauma caused by the vibration and rotation of the silicon spheres results in the spurring of stem cells into corrective action. Endospheres Therapy precisely reactivates the system of microcirculation.

With the help of an adequate amount of oxygen, the macro and micronutrients provide the stem cells components to have a tissue regeneration optimally. The immediate result can be seen with the reduction in undulations at the skin surface, specifically in cellulite.

The Pain Relief Action:

Compressive micro-vibration, with its rhythmic and pulsating actions on mechanoreceptors, can create desensitization of the pulses. By producing the removal or reduction of pain within a short time, the activation of this receptor, together with adequate oxygenation supports a pain-free rehabilitation.

The After Treatment Feeling:

Once the treatment is complete, you will feel lighter and toned, everything and more adding to your wellbeing. As per a lot of people, some sort of exercise might be required after the treatment. Following the procedure, it is possible to remove the fluid from the body naturally.

Hence, it is recommended that you stay hydrated as much as possible. Also, for a few days after the treatment, you may notice the frequent need to urinate, which is completely normal.

What to expect?

Once you have made up your mind to undergo this treatment, you will be meeting a professional therapist who may ask you some certain questions to understand more about your requirements and your skin conditions.

In case you are somebody who is afraid of pain, don’t worry about it because the procedure is entirely pain-free. If you are taking the session for your full body, it may last up to an hour. You will get to relax while your body feels some vibrations.

Considering that everything is personalized, you can even increase the intensity as per the requirement. Also, you must keep in mind that the procedure is all about lymphatic drainage - meaning there will be more action on your vascular system. This will help in muscle toning and body contouring.

In terms of results, though it may take some sessions, however ultimately, you will have a shaped body and decreased weight.

So, make sure that you are making the best out of this treatment and are relishing the moment greatly.

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